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Presented by Manuela Macri

Assaad takes us through his 3 pieces of music selected which links him to his Cultural heritage of being born in Damascus and influences from Syria and Jordan.

Song 1: Le Beirut (For Beirut) - Fairouz

Song 2: Yayasu al hayad (Jesus has Risen) - Fairouz

Song 3: Al Hadut - Sabah Fakir

Tharanga shares from her Sinhalese culture some pieces of music that help keep her connected.  We travel on a barge way back in time, we visit an amazing statue of Buddha and consider the role of the Artist and then hold your breath for an amazing guitarist . . . 

Song 1: Paruwa (Barge) - Saman Lenin

Song 2: Me tharam siyummelida kalugal - Sunil Edirisinghe

Song 3: Oba Gagak - Amal Perera

Franco has origins in Vasto, Italy and takes us through three pieces of music that connect him to his Italian Culture.  A 12 yr old boy sings in a classroom, the greatest love song ever, and the view back to Vasto by a migrant to New York . . 

Song 1: Santa Lucia - Robertino

Song 2: O Sole Mio (Oh My Sun)- Enrico Caruso

Song 3: Vasto Bella e Terra - Gaetano Ciancio

Sabrina is Palestinian Israeli and she takes us through 3 pieces of music that have strong connections and memories of her cultural heritage.  Somehow she manages to get in a fourth song . . .

1. Al Binti Al-shalabia (The good daughter/ girl) - Fairouz

2. Sof Ha'olan (The end of the World) - Aviv Geffen

3. Top of the Mountain - Rim Banna

Ehsan is originally from Afghanistan and takes us through 3 pieces of music that connect him to Afghanistan's rich music history.  He shares some of the struggles faced by the music industry, and his personal story connections to these songs.

1. Hal Ka Diwana shodam Mirawi (Now I have gone mad you abandon me) - Rahim Sarban

2. Ahesta Boro Mah Man Ahesta Boro (Walk Slowly my Beautiful Moon Walk Slowly) - Ahmad Wali

3. Oh Bano Bano Janan Oh Shahr Bano jano (Oh dear darling oh Beloved queen) - Ahmad Zahir

Maria is from Chile and takes us through 3 songs and many stories that link her back to Chile.  Music is a form of protest, a way to show unity with others, voicing things that could have you killed, a dance in a dark alley and the backdrop to late night frugal parties . . .  

1. Gracias a La Vida (Thank you to LIfe) - Violetta Para

2. El derecho de vivir en paz (The right to live in peace) - Victor Hara

3. La Cumparsita - Gerardo Matos Rodriguez

Harish from India takes us on a Bollywood journey of music from his life so far: outdoor cinema, political change, LDR, Army life, samosa, Mother-India and more!

1, Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein - Amitabh Bachchan - Mukesh - Kabhi Kabhie 

2. Phoolan Ke Rang Se - S.D. Burman & Neeraj

3. Teri Mitti - Akshay Kumar & Parineeti Chopra | Arko | B Praak| Manoj Muntashir

Mararo is of Kenyan background and brings us music from across Africa which has inspired and impacted his cultural identity.  Coal Mines and trumpets, the power of the pen, the responsibility of the writer, politics, longer than usual songs and spectacular metaphors that require us to think  . . . 

Ana Maria brings us a window to Colombia on Music My Culture and Me!

Mega Diversity, love songs to country, salsa about prison life, stereo-types, Cumbia, the only Colombian who can't dance and electro-tropical FUEGO . . .   

Tene is African-American from Georgia Atlanta.  She shares on the theme of "Anthems" - 3 pieces of music that are integral to her African-American identity.  This interview was recorded on Martin Luther King day and one of Tene's songs was part of the campaign to have this day recognised!

Gabriel is from Taiwan and shares 3 pieces of contemporary music that connect him to his cultural identity.  We explore peaceful protest, the life of a Taiwanese man and what happens to our childhood dreams . . .  One of his selected songs was Song of the year in Taiwan in 2015! 

Anubha and Jaganaath are from Nepal and together have selected 3 pieces of music to represent some culture and history of Nepal through traditional, national and spiritual music.