Global Chat Radio

based in Perth WA

Global Chat Radio

Music My Culture and Me

Guests from a variety of Cultural Backgrounds share pieces if music that connect them with their cultural identities.  

Mondays 6pm

Presented by Manuela Macri 

Do You Want to Volunteer?


If you have skills, experience, enthusiasm and or talent for radio and are interested to LEARN and VOLUNTEER - Contact us!  

Volunteers sought for:

  • Designing and Presenting Radio programs
  • Admin support
  • IT support
  • Marketing and promotion

Friday Forum Four to Five

Harry and Heather have been having conversations for years!  Join them as they continue to learn about personalities around Perth!

Presented by Harry & Heather Mithen

4pm Fridays

Around the World in 80 Restaurants

Tim will make our taste buds dance as he interviews local chefs from local restaurants about their cultural flavours, food making traditions and signature dishes!

Presented by Tim Benson

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